Black Friday: MCA Live Transfer Leads


Black Friday: MCA Live Transfer Leads

$42.00 $28.00

PayPal $28.00 $0.98 $28.98
Wire Transfer / Zelle $28.00 -$1.40 $26.60
Lowest Price:

Wire / Zelle / ACH $26.60 (-$1.40)

This is a custom order for Discounted Pricing!

This is how we generate our leads:

  • Our representatives are making cold calls
  • They pre-qualify the prospects according to your our criteria
  • Once Qualified, Our representatives make a 3-way Conference Call with You or Your Closer
  • Reps Introduce the Prospect to you or the Closer Briefly
  • You or Your Team take the call over and double check the qualification.
  • Our reps leave the 3-way conference and process to send you the detailed live transfer lead information to the closer via email in 3-4 minutes.


These are Pre-Qualified MCA Live Transfer Leads with Great Conversion Ration. Each and every payable lead has to be qualified to get an application out to the Merchant or else you won’t pay.

Merchants Cash Advance Live Transfer Leads

Our Qualifying Criteria:

  • Minimum $10,000 Bank Deposit/Month.
  • Over 1 Year in Business.
  • No Bankruptcy in Last 2 Years
  • 100% Exclusive Leads. (Up to 2 Months)
  • DNC & TCPA Compliant MCA Leads
  • Need Money ASAP (Maximum in 30 days)
  • No Defaults | No NSF
  • Successful Transfer | No Call Drops
  • Missed Calls will not be counted


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